Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Sinfonía Trópico relies on the support and guidance of a prominent high-level Advisory Board.

IET - Brigitte L.G. Baptiste

Brigitte L.G. Baptiste

Director of Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute

Brigitte L.G. Baptiste, director of the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute, belongs among the most renowned experts on environmental management and biodiversity of Colombia.  Brigitte represents Colombia at several international environment organisations, as the Intergovernamental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. 


IET - Manuel Rodríguez Becerra

Manuel Rodríguez Becerra

Profesor of University of Los Andes (Colombia), first Minister of Environment of Colombia

Manuel Rodríguez Becerra was the first Minister of Environment of Colombia and is now tenured professor at the University of the Andes. He is also president of the Foro Nacional Ambiental (National Environment Forum), founding member of the Plataforma Climática Latinoamericana (Latinamerican Climate Forum), as also columnist of the El Tiempo newspaper and author of numerous publications.

IET - José Roca

José Roca


José Roca is currently Estrellita B. Brodsky Adjunct Curator of Latin American Art at Tate, London and artistic director of FLORA ars+natura, which is a space to discuss the connection between contemporary art, nature and culture. José is curator of several expositions in Latin America, Europe, United States and Asia, as of the I Poly/graphic Triennial in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the 27th Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil and chief curator of the 8th Bienal do Mercosul in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


IET - Gustavo Wilches-Chaux

Gustavo Wilches-Chaux

Independent consultant, university profesor, writer and first director of Ecofondo

Gustavo Wilches-Chaux devoted his life to environmental education and public information, participatory risk management and climate adaptation, having in his hands post-disaster reconstruction processes after the earthquakes that destroyed the city of Popayán and the region of Tierradentro. Gustavo works as an independent consultant, university professor and writer, seeking to include communities at risk with their knowledge and their local tools.

IET - Alfredo Molano

Alfredo Molano

Sociologist and Writer

Alfredo Molano is a sociologist, Doctor Honoris Causa of the National University of Colombia. He is author of numerous books and papers about the cultural and socio-environmental reality of Colombia. He has won the Prize of Journalism Simón Bolívar, the National Book Award Colcultura and the award for National Excellence in Human Sciences, for a life dedicated to research and communicate essential aspects of Colombia. He currently writes a column in the newspaper El Espectador and is collaborating with many other media.