Artists and Experts


Sinfonía Trópico is nurtured by the creativity of international artists and informed by the expertise of scientists. It is managed by a team based in Bogota and Berlin.

IET - Charlotte Streck

Charlotte Streck

Environmental Director, Germany

Charlotte is an internationally renowned environmental expert. In 2004 she co-founded the Climate Focus, a climate advisory firm with offices in Amsterdam, Washington, Bogota and Berlin. In addition to providing advice on how to tackle climate change, Charlotte works at the interfaces between art and the environment, on projects that raise awareness about environmental threats. She holds a PhD in law and a Master of Biological Sciences.

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IET - Lillevan


Artistic Director, Germany

Lillevan is an animation, video and media artist.
 Lillevan, founding member of the visual/music group Rechenzentrum, has collaborated with many artists from a wide array of genres from opera to minimal electronic experimentalism, and performed and exhibited all over the globe and at all the major media festivals.

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IET - Juan Pablo Castro

Juan Pablo Castro

Scientist and Production Manager, Colombia

Juan Pablo is an environmental planner and climate change expert. Juan Pablo currently heads up the Climate Focus branch based in Colombia, whose aim is to strengthen the company's commitment towards the development of low carbon development strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IET - Papeto


Technical Director, Colombia

Papeto is a sound engineer, who received training from Audiograph International, Los Angeles CA, USA (1997) and Omega School of Recording Arts and applied Sciences, Rockville MD, USA (2001). Papeto works as technical producer for musical events and as sound engineer of many bands. He is currently working with Masilva, Una Fuerza and Alejo Aponte.

IET - Camilo Martínez

Camilo Martínez


Camilo studied music, while being part of different rock and jazz groups. He lived in England and studied music production and worked as a sound engineer and programmer. In Spain, he studied Jazz and was part of the band Fritanga and Chocolatinos. After that, he taught and worked in musical composition for audiovisuals in Lima. Since 2008, Camilo directs and promotes the musical collective Masilva, and since 2014, back in Bogotá, he is teaching at the School of music, media, art and technology, Emmat.


IET - Elizabeth Gallón Droste

Elizabeth Gallón Droste

Production and artist

Elizabeth studied Media and Culture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and works at the production of the Latin American Film Festival in Berlin. 


IET - Juanita Delgado

Juanita Delgado

Singer and Musician

Juanita is singer and musician of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, and studied jazz composition at Berklee School of Music. She has focused in traditional popular music from different parts of Colombia and America. Her music has been heard in various theaters around the world. Currently Juanita is studying a Masters in Interdisciplinary Theatre and Live Arts at the National University in Bogota.


IET - Mateo Pérez

Mateo Pérez


Mateo Perez studied Philosophy and Literature at the Andes University before he took classes at the International Center of Photography, ICP (2000-2001) in New York. Over the last decade, he has worked as a freelance photographer and as a teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Arts at the Javeriana University in Bogotá. With his photography, Mateo explores the boundaries between urban and rural and the experimental possibilities of the photographic language.


IET - Robert Lippok

Robert Lippok

Musician and Composer

Robert works a musician, visual artist and set designer in Berlin. Robert is co-fonder of the musical projects Ornament und Verbrechen and To Rococo Rot. Known for his expansive imagination, inventive rhythmic reflexes, and layers of fuzzy tones, Lippok’s solo work is just as wide-ranging – from funky, glitch-y, twisted techno record Redsuperstructure for Raster-Noton (2011), to stage design for operas and gallery exhibitions.

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IET - Tatiana Arocha

Tatiana Arocha


Tatiana Arocha is a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia based in Brooklyn, NY. A graphic designer by training, Arocha’s work spans illustration, motion graphics, live action production, curating, education design, site-specific art, product design, and publishing. She combines passion for storytelling with attention to detail, a fearless work ethic, and refined sense of style developed over years working in design.

IET - René Arriaga

René Arriaga

Dancer and Choreographer

René is a dancer and choreographer with more than 18 years of experience in traditional Afro, Colombian and Cuban dance. He has studied with renowned dancers such as Georges Momboye, Kariamu Welsh, Cleodis Pitalua, Esperanza Bioho, Dauda Keita, Gorsy Edu and finished his dance studies at ISA in la Habana, Cuba. He is currently director and choreographer of the company Zarabanda Danza Afro, Dancer of the company of L'Explosion Contemporary Dance, creator of AfroJam Colombia and afro dance teacher at the Zajana Danza school.

IET - Nils Ostendorf

Nils Ostendorf

Musician and Composer

Nils Ostendorf has developed a unique approach to playing the trumpet, inspired by natural sounds, experimental and electronic music. He also works internationally as a composer, musical director, producer and live performer for theatre and dance productions, collaborating with directors like Mikael Serre, Marius von Mayenburg, Yael Ronen and Thomas Ostermeier.

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IET - Zaji Chalem

Zaji Chalem

Video Artist

The multimedia media artist Zaji Chalem is specialized in audiovisual solutions with a strong interest for the organization, design and sense of physical space. He is a visual thinker with precise technical abilities and is highly recognized as a designer and expert in incorporation of information technologies and the communication in museums, special events and media spaces. Zaji is currently working as an Audiovisual Solutions Advisor at Nexsys de Colombia.


IET - Miguel Navas

Miguel Navas

Musician and Composer

Miguel Navas is a composer and music producer. Miguel’s work is notable for integrating electronic music sounds with traditional Colombian music.

IET - Sebastian Chalela Morris

Sebastian Chalela Morris


Sebastian Chalela M. is an independent artist, writer, translator and Martial Arts instructor. He graduated as an Artist and later as a Journalism Specialist, both from Los Andes University. He then completed his Master’s Degree in Hispanic Philology at CSIC, Madrid. He has published two novels, a poem collection and a documentary book about the city of Bogota. Today he juggles his time between creative activity, translation, and his very own Dojo.


IET - Javier Ortiz Bahamón

Javier Ortiz Bahamón

Environmental Expert

Javier Ortiz Bahamón is an Economist, MBA and Specialist in Rural Development, and has worked as a consultant in conservation and rural development for private and public institutions in Colombia, with emphasis in the Amazon Region.

IET - Caridad Botella

Caridad Botella

Curator, Colombia

Caridad Botella (Madrid, 1977) is an independent curator and arts and film critic. Caridad has a degree in Art History from Universidad Complutense, Madrid, and completed her master's degrees in Museology at Reinwardt Academy and Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Caridad writes for a number of international publications, as for Artpulse Magazine, Artnexus and Second Sight. 

IET - Matthias Strauß

Matthias Strauß


Matthias studied fashion design at the Lette-Verein in Berlin. As a designer, he participated in numerous fashion shows, as a costume designer he cooperated with various theater productions. He is passionate about working with children and teenagers, served as a coach of a local football team, gives guitar lessons, paints, and engages in a wide range of artistic projects. He lives in Freiburg, Germany.

IET - Santiago Botero

Santiago Botero


Santiago is a doublebass player and improviser graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He has played, studied, recorded and collaborated with different artists from different genres and an expert in the art of free improvisation. Santiago is the musical director of MULA and EL OMBLIGO and he co-directs LOS TOSCOS, a collaborative platform between musicmasters of the world and musicians from Bogotá, and profesor at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia).


IET - Sylvia Jaimes Niño

Sylvia Jaimes Niño


The work of the artist Sylvia Jaimes Niño moves between the visual arts and the performing arts. It usually consists of
ephemeral virtual structures or compositions; oevres that transform or disappear. Sylvia investigates ways to plastically address the body and voice.

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IET - Carolina Riaño Gómez

Carolina Riaño Gómez

Singer and Musician

Carolina Riaño Gómez was born in Bogotá, Colombia and studied music theatre at the University of Arts Folkwang in Essen, Germany. She has stage experience, among others, with the Vienna Chamber Choir, Choir of the Baden-Baden Festival, as a soloist at the Opera in Dortmund and Düsseldorf and at the theatre Schaubühne in Berlin. In the Latin-American music area, she has participated in the A Capella band "Chocolate com Laranja" and in the duo with the Chilean Rodrigo Santa María. 




IET - Santiago Roa Vargas

Santiago Roa Vargas


Santiago Roa is a bass player and solo artist with: Andrés Cepeda, Ana y Jaime, Pepa Fresa, Riosón, Reggadera, Morfonia, Una Fuerza, Vértigo, El Zut, César López, Latonera, Mónica Giraldo, La Cirugía and Sekhu, among others. He provided the sound engineering and music production for Pepa Fresa, Carlose, El Zut, Reggadera, Riosón and Mauricio García. Santiago led the band of musicians from the second season's live broadcast TV show „Yo me llamo" and is since 2012 co-creator and partner of, which is dedicated to music production, sound and backline.

IET - Torsten Ruehle

Torsten Ruehle


Torsten Ruehle is a German painter. He studied law and arts in Dresden and Hamburg. His art is influenced by Arno Rink and Hanns Schimansky, both teachters of Torsten. Torsten has shown his works internationally. He closely cooperates with his brother Peter Ruehle.

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IET - Peter Ruehle

Peter Ruehle


Peter Ruehle is a Berlin based painter. Mainly working in classic techniques, he is also working with new media and materials. Peter is working in series: e.g. he developed a unique form of land- and cityscape paintings as well as dark portraits, time chronicles, collages and sky paintings. Peter's works are represented in eminent collections and have been shown in cities like Berlin, New York, Beijing, New Delhi, Rome and Los Angeles.

IET - Alberto Baraya

Alberto Baraya


The Colombian artist Alberto Baraya questions with his installations, videos, drawings and the use of found objects, the scientific classification of plants in the name of science and challenges post colonial society. Alberto works as a lecturer and teacher in Bogotá.


IET - Nelson Vergara

Nelson Vergara


Nelson Vergara investigates the development of reactive and generative systems for objects and media rooms, the relation between time and space and his body and media languages. Nelson is professor at the Department of Arts from the National University of Colombia, Bogotá, and is guest lecturer at the University of Arts and Media of Cologne. 

IET - Artista


Miguel Cárdenas

Miguel Cardenas is an artist fom Bogota (1973). He obtained his painting degree at the Rhode Island School of Design (1996). He has lived in New York since then and has worked in film, as a political cartoonist and director of a gallery. During this time he toured the Colombian Amazon as a source of inspiration for his work. In 2005 he obtained a master's degree in visual arts at Columbia University and received the prize Agnes Martin in painting. In 2007 he joined as a lecturer in the Department of Visual Arts at Columbia University. His work has been exhibited in the collection of the Museum of Pereira, the Art Museum of Cartagena and the permanent collection of the Banco de la República in Bogotá.


IET - Fernando Arias

Fernando Arias


Fernando Arias is a visual artist who investigates the human condition through the means of video, photography, installation and action. Conflict, sexuality, religion, politics and society, are recurring themes in his work. He currently lives between Bogotá and the Chocó Region, where he creates with Más Arte Más Acción and in cooperation with artists and writers that engage in social and environmental topics interdisciplinary artistic projects.

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IET - Christoph Schletz

Christoph Schletz

Production, Germany

After theatre studies with Philippe Gaulier in London, Christoph  produced and directed numerous plays in Passau, where he graduated in European Studies. After working as Robert Wilson's personal assistant and assistant director, Christoph now works closely with Thomas Ostermeier at Berlin's Schaubühne. 

IET - Martin Meyer

Martin Meyer


Martin is a free lance photographer with the topics of travel photography, photojournalism and art photography. He lives in Regensburg, Germany.