Sinfonía Trópico in Florencia, Octuber 2016

Sinfonía Trópico in Florencia, Octuber 2016

19 December 2018
Elizabeth Gallón Droste

Dear all 

Busy with putting together our book and organizing the last SINFONÍA TRÓPICO event in Florencia, Cáqueta, we have been negligent about maintaining the website. But the absence of reporting does not equal an absence of activity.

From September 24th-October 9th, 2016 we were organized workshops, rehearsals, street art, and a final concert and exhibition in La Gloria, Florencia. We are very grateful to our partners with UNHCR who helped us to make the event a sounding success. 

We will post more detail in due time, but are already now sharing some images and impressions with you.

Charlotte & Lillevan