Updates January 2015

Updates January 2015

29 January 2015
Charlotte Streck

Goethe Institut rewards artist residencies to SINFONÍA TRÓPICO ++ SINFONÍA TRÓPICO at the Medellín HAY FESTIVAL ++ Jardín Botánico of Medellín adds biodiversity to SINFONÍA TRÓPICO's logo ++


Goethe Institut rewards artist residencies to SINFONÍA TRÓPICO.

We are proud to announce that the Goethe Institut has approved the artist residency of the composer and musician Nils Ostendorf. Nils will spend four weeks in Bogotá and Puerto Gaitán in March 2015 during which time he will develop a sound composition that is inspired by the beauty of Colombia's Llanos Orientales as well as the threats posed to this unique ecosystem by increased economic exploitation through mining, oil and agroindustry. Nils will be from 10-25 March in the municipality of Puerto Gaitán located at the shores of the Río Manacacias and in midst of one of the largest oil explotation zone in Colombia. He will cooperate with the Colombian musician Santiago Botero, the singer Carolina Riaño, the director Christoph Schletz, the costume designer Matthias Strauss and as many interested partners from Puerto Gaitán as possible.

Also in March, the Goethe Institute Bogotá supports the artistic residencies of Peter Ruehle and Robert Lippok in Gauchalito, close to Nuquí in the Chocó region of Colombia. Peter Ruehle is a painter who will seek inspiration by the wealth of colors offered by the Colombian rain forest. Robert in turn will record sounds and develop a muscial collage that will be presented in November 2015 during the closing festival of SINFONÍA TRÓPICO. The residencies are organized in cooperation with our partner MÁS ARTE MÁS ACCIÓN. 


On 29 January, Ambulante Colombia presents the documentary "Waste Land" of the british director Lucy Walker during the Hay Medellín. "Waste Land" received international critical acclaim and an academy award nomination in 2011.

After the screening, Mateo Ayala Luna of Colectivo Atempo will present SINFONÍA TRÓPICO in his intervention "Murals of Diversity".

Jardín Botánico of Medellín adds biodiversity to SINFONÍA TRÓPICO's logo.

In our cooperation with the Jardín Botánico de Medellín, SINFONÍA TRÓPICO's logo will feature over the next year each month another tree typical for a landscape and ecosystem of Colombia. This month we make a tribute to the black mangrove - Rhizophora mangrove. This is one of the most characteristic trees of Urabá. The destruction of mangrove forests is a pressing environmental problem in the region. The mangroves dominate tropical coasts and have a very important role for humans: Mangroves secure shores, avoid erosion, and create important habitas for biodiversity to develop and flourish.

 Charlotte Streck