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Sinfonía Trópico in Florencia, October 2016

News from Cáqueta, 8.10.2016, Canal TV5.

Impressions Sinfonía Trópico 2014 - 2015

Our promotional Video for the Festival in Bogotá

Sinfonía Trópico - Documentation stage #3 in San José del Guaviare

Sinfonía Trópico was present two weeks between 5 and May 17, 2015 in the areas of the Colombian Amazon, where there are high rates of deforestation, particularly in the department of Guaviare. We performed interventions in the municipalities of San José del Guaviare. The environmental emphasis in the Amazon is focused on stopping deforestation and the development of sustainable livelihoods, while protecting natural resources.


Sinfonía Trópico - Impressions stage #3 in San José del Guaviare