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Sinfonía Trópico - Impressions stage #3 in San José del Guaviare

Sinfonía Trópico - Documentation stage #2 in Puerto Gaitán

The second stage of SINFONÍA TRÓPICO was devoted to biodiversity and environmental challenges in the region of the Orinoco in Colombia. We chose Puerto Gaitan municipality in the department of Meta, as the center of our activities. We were present in the region during the 11-25 March, where we prepare a series of artistic performances and events that occurred between 22-25 March, 2015.

Sinfonía Trópico - Concert in Puerto Gaitán

On March 25th was held our concert in Puerto Gaitan. Our inspirations for the artistic creation were traditional sounds and rhythms and legends of Los Llanos Orientales. The German composer and musician Nils Ostendorf (Berlin), supported by the Goethe Institute for his artistic residence, led the musical proposal. We also have the participation of the singer Carolina Gomez (Bogotá) and bassist Santiago Botero (Bogotá). Christoph Schletz directed the staging and Lillevan, our artistic director, created the visual art. German designer Matthias Strauss developed, together with the youth of Puerto Gaitan, the stage and costumes.

Sinfonía Trópico - Fragments and Impressions from our stay in Puerto Gaitán

Sinfonía Trópico - Sketches for Concert In Urabá

Video and music preparations by Zaji Chalem and Miguel Navas for the concert in Apartadó, November 2014