We draw our energy from art as much as from nature. Both are essential conditions for our existence and survival as human beings.

Trees, seeds and the sounds of diversity

SINFONÍA TRÓPICO makes the case for the protection of nature and diversity. Diversity is essential for nature and human societies. Biodiversity makes ecosystems resilient and robust; human diversity sustains development and strengthens societies. Declining diversity renders both systems vulnerable. The loss is often irreversible. SINFONÍA TRÓPICO uses the threat to nature as a source of inspiration for performances, concerts, exhibitions and debates at different locations and venues across Colombia. Artists explore various aspects of the continuing loss of biodiversity. Scientists highlight various environmental problems such as the loss of genetic diversity and important ecosystems. Environmental activists and experts discuss the socio-economic and political contexts of diversity. In addition, the artists and experts seek to engage the public in the different areas to generate debate. SINFONÍA TRÓPICO focus on three thematic area:

Humanity – Nature

Arts – Science

Urban - Rural

The project's overall concept is modeled on the Glacier Music project held by the Goethe Institutes of Almaty and Tashkent in 2012 and 2013, with Lillevan as artistic director ( and