Festival Sinfonía Trópico Bogotá

Festival Sinfonía Trópico Bogotá

17 November 2015 - 17:30 to 21 November 2015 - 23:00

SINFONÍA TRÓPICO was present in Bogotá the third week of November 2015 with a festival where we showed a year of work with our partners at different places of the city.

From November 1 to 22 the Festival ENTRE ÁRBOLES took place, organized by our partner Colectivo Atempo. It was an iniciative which aimed to generate a cultural meeting point in the "zona verde" of the Parkway, Teusaquillo, where the principal environmental problems that affect the regions of Colombia were discussed by the construction of 5 installation units made of recycled wood. They served as canvases so that 10 renowned artists of the Urban Art molded a message with their creativity according to the conservation of the biological and cultural diversity of the country.    

Tuesday 17 November at the Museo Nacional at 5.30 PM

The two projects "Atrato" and "Verde" discussed the journey as an introspective process between appreciating the richness and beauty of biodiversity and confronting the actual environmental socio-economical problems in Colombia to achieve a collective awareness with regard to the territory. The recognized artists Fernando Arias with "Atrato" and Nelson Vergara with "Verde" worked in collaboration with other artists to create these works.

With an introduction of Brigitte Baptiste (Instituto Humboldt and member of the Advisory Council of Sinfonía Trópico) and Mabel Torres (Executive Director of Bioinnova). 

"Atrato" - collaborative project

The artists Fernando Arias and Robert Lippok, and the environmentalist Charlotte Streck and Elizabeth Gallón Droste worked together regarding the current situation of the River Atrato in the Chocó. The aim of the project was to attract attention over the River Atrato, its geography, its history, its inhabitants, its myths and the environmental challenges the river and its communities are confronted with.    

"Verde" - collaborative project in three formats: concert, installation and expanded documentary

The artists Nelson Vergara, Roberto García Piedrahita & Javier Olarte traveled to three natural sceneries: the natural reserve in Sasardí in the Colombian Darién, the "Páramo de Sumapaz" and San José de Guaviare. These three places have ecosystems which are very different, nevertheless they have many elements in common, like their athmospheric and water functions. They are as much the lungs of the planet as they are the fabrics of the water with enormous capacities. Sumapaz, Darién and Guaviare are considered references or paradigms of the ecosystem of the planet.  


Friday 20 November in FLORA ars+natura from 4 - 10 PM

The "Marathon Sinfonía Trópico" was an event focussing on presenting the artistic-scientific activities that have been developed mainly with young people and environmental heroes in each of the regions that Sinfonía Trópico visited during 2014-2015. The different blocks were dedicated to Urabá, Orinoquia, Amazonia and Usme/Páramo de Sumpaz and included the presence of special guests from the regions as well as music, video and spaces for dialogue. It was an event that showed a panorama of the biodiverse journey that took place through Colombia.  

Urabá: 4.00 PM - 5.10 PM

Puerto Gaitán: 5.30 PM - 7.00 PM

San José del Guaviare: 7:15 PM - 8.15 PM

Usme / Páramo de Sumapaz: 8.30 PM - 9.30 PM


Saturday 21 November in Casa 9-69 - Closure event

Exhibition (7:00 pm) and Concert (9:00 pm)

The closure event was a journey through the work of the artists and musicians who have been involved in Sinfonía Trópico, besides the work of other invited artists exclusively for the festival.

From November 2014, Sinfonía Trópico has been working with scientists, musicians and plastic artists to create awareness about the loss of biodiversity, deforestation and climate change in Colombia.

The closure event showed some of the processes and results that took place during the year of work.

Artists: Tatiana Arocha (New York), Alberto Baraya (Bogotá), Colectivo Atempo (Bogotá), Sebastián Chalela (Bogotá), Elizabeth Gallón Droste (Berlín), Martin Meyer (Regensburg), Mateo Pérez (Bogotá),  Peter Ruehle (Berlín), Torsten Ruehle (Berlín), Sylvia Jaimes (Bogotá)

Musicians: Santiago Botero (Bogotá), Juanita Delgado (Bogotá), Gama (San José del Guavaire), Miguel Holguín (San José del Guaviare), Robert Lippok (Berlin), Carlos Manco (Urabá), Camilo Martínez (Bogotá), Miguel Navas (Bogotá), Leonel Romero (Puerto Gaitán), José Forero (Puerto Gaitán), Lelio Carvajal (Puerto Gaitán), Sneider Sandoval (San José del Guaviare)