11 March 2015 - 8:00 to 25 March 2015 - 21:00
Puerto Gaitán

The second phase of SINFONÍA TRÓPICO was dedicated to the biodiversity and environmental challenges of the Orinoquia region of Colombia. We have chosen the municipality of Puerto Gaitán as the center of our activities where we were present from March 11-25 to prepare a series of artistic performances and events that were presented from March 22-25.

The artistic core of our activities was shown in an evening with music, video and text on the evening of March 25. The performance took traditional and nature sounds and legends of the Llanos Orientales as an inspiration. We worked with young singers and musicians from Puerto Gaitán.

The German composer and musician Nils Ostendorf (Berlin), supported by the Goethe Institute through an artist residency, did lead the musical part, accompanied by the singer Carolina Riaño Gómez (Berlin-Bogotá) and double bass player Santiago Botero (Bogotá). The piece was directed by Christoph Schletz (Berlin) and our artistic director Lillevan created the video for the evening. The German designer Matthias Strauß developed costumes and the stage design with local teenagers, and Elizabeth Gallón Droste, through interviews and documentation of the region and its nature, with focus on the everyday, did open a space through her installation "Living Memories of the Llanos".

Our partners from Colectivo Atempo did organize several street art events from March 22-24, including murals, workshops and performances. In addition, we organized expeditions and workshops where we discovered the richness of the Orinoquia region - both in nature and people.